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Sagitine grew from a tiny thought one balmy evening in HK in late 2011. Since then, the idea has grown into a fully-fledged business with the help of so many family, friends, experts and consultants.
I would like to thank the following people.

Toby Johnson: for introducing me to Jeremy Huen who helped decipher my original designs and get the very first Sagitine prototype box made in HK in 2013.

Michael Thorogood and Andrew Simpson of Vert Design.  I can honestly say that if Andrew hadn’t worn such cool (3D printed) glasses at a morning breakfast, Sagitine might not exist today.  His initial very generous offer of checking out my prototype has led to a fabulous relationship over the last 12 months.  Michael deserves special mention for his ingenious design skills and incredible patience with my initial lack of knowledge about anything at all in the field!

Matthew and Terry Squadrito and the whole team at Squad Ink.  What can I say?  The beautiful and totally cool design of the website speaks for itself.

Meg Kerwick:  Despite not really understanding a word of the brand strategy initially (20 years in finance will do that to you!) her creative tome set the tone for all that is Sagitine today.  Her ongoing advice and style guidance has been invaluable.

Andrea Rembeck:  The tutu queen of the world (  Your patience and guidance on a daily basis has been invaluable and I am so grateful.

Anthony Churchill:  The best cabinetmaker anywhere, in my opinion ( and possibly my most fun friend (you too Yael!).  Your advice and technical input has made life so much easier for me.

Sheila Caldeza: my super nanny!  I would not have coped without your love and care for my gorgeous daughters Sabine & Gigi.  No words can express how much I appreciate everything you do.

Megan Morton and Robyn Holt:  my extremely generous little sister Chick gave me a gift of an evening at Robyn’s course at The School and it has led to a lovely relationship with you both.  Thanks for believing in Sagitine and me.

Countless other experts and consultants have helped along the way, far too many to list separately but thanks so much.

Muffi Barbour: my talented and stylish mother, thank you for instilling a love of good design from a very young age.

My family and friends:  you all know who you are - thanks for listening and the never-ending patience with me.  Thanks in advance for buying HEAPS of products!!

Sabine & Gigi: my beautiful, crazy and divine daughters.  Everything I do is for you (mmmm, and so we can go on holidays and buy shoes ).  Life is just SO much better since you two rascals turned up.

Tina xx