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The Santiago Luxe

The Santiago Luxe

The Santiago Luxe

Inspired by the classic Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, this limited edition piece is designed with a commitment to luxury and longevity in mind.

Beautifully crafted from quality materials, our re-imagined medium box storage stand features a brass electroplated stainless steel frame and stunning leather top. With space for six generous drawers, The Santiago Luxe will hold everything from shoes and scarves to stationery and is sure to steal the show in any room.

70 x 86 x 55cm
$AU 3,100.00
Limited stock



Make your shoe repair guy your new best friend and get him to place a thin protective leather sole and heel to your most loved shoes. This will make them last the distance and put a spring back in your step.

Waterproofing can go a long way too, so ensure your shoes are free from dust and apply a waterproofing spray or cream to them. This will apply an invisible protective coat that will allow water or stains to roll right off them, without settling in.


Before you give your most loved clothes a storage vacation, be sure to place a few Sagitine aromatic pouches and cedar sticks in your storage boxes to protect from moths and other hungry bugs. For that little extra protection, wrap them well in our acid-free paper & double up with a muslin bag.