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Clothing and Shoe Care


Storing silk, cashmere and wool

Quality silks, cashmeres and wools are precious and beautiful, and will last a lifetime.  However, they need to be cared for and stored correctly to ensure longevity.  Body oils attract moths, while dirt and perfumes cause discolouration and decay; so it is imperative that your garments are cleaned as per the manufacturer’s advice prior to storage.  The ideal method for storing your precious garment entails wrapping in our acid free tissue paper, placing it in one of our muslin bags, then storing in a Sagitine box.  Slip some cedar blocks directly in amongst the garment to repel moths, and place some Sagitine aromatic pouches inside the muslin bag to complete the ritual.  We recommend that you periodically shake out your garment, and air in bright light on a dry day before returning it back to its Sagitine box.


Storing shoes and boots

Your shoes and boots will age beautifully when cared for and stored correctly.  Before housing them in their Sagitine shoe box, ensure they are free of dirt and dust.  Your Sagitine shoeboxes provide enough room for your shoes to retain their shape, and the insertion of a shoetree might be considered for additional shape retention.  You can be confident that your Sagitine shoebox provides the necessary protection from dust and direct light.


Caring for shoes and boots

Make your shoe guy your new best friend and get him to place a thin protective leather sole and heel to your most loved shoes and boots.  This will make them last the distance and put a spring back in your step.

Waterproofing can go a long way too, so ensure your shoes are free from dust and apply a waterproofing spray or cream to them.  This will provide an invisible protective layer that will repel moisture and stains.

Caring for leather

We recommend Murchison Hume Bag Butler Leather cleaner every couple of months. It’s all natural and keeps the leather moist and clean. Avoid heat and direct sunlight to keep the leather looking good.


Caring for brass

Do not use abrasive cleaners, rubbing alcohol, astringents, detergents, bleach based cleaners, abrasive cleaning pads or aggressive chemicals on your brass stand. For general cleaning recommend a damp cloth with warm water and a natural plant based detergent. Always wear gloves to avoid finger prints.