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Behind Closed Doors

POSTED 03 May 2019

In celebration of HOME.GROWN. presented by Sydney Design Festival this weekend, Sagitine discusses Australian Design with industry veteran and Top 3 Founder and Curator, Terri Winter.   

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POSTED 07 Oct 2015

Mandy D’Abo is one of those people!   We wonder how she looks so amazing, how she manages to run such an incredible business, how she entertains with such pizazz and how she knows EVERYONE cool on the planet???   Not to mention she is always so fun and just soooo positive!     When I first moved to Hong Kong in early 2002 I worked with Mandy’s gorgeous husband John and I remember being so upset that I hadn’t gotten to know them earlier.   The reason being is that they got married very shortly after I met them, and seriously, it looked like a wedding to rival Poppy Delevingne’s Moroccan themed event recently.  Perhaps Poppy drew inspiration from the stories about Mandy and John’s incredible wedding week in Sri Lanka??....


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POSTED 05 Jan 2015

Welcome to the very first edition of Behind Closed Doors, my blog focusing on anything and everything to do with fashion, from designers and collections, to style icons, to help with caring for your treasured possessions. From time to time we will feature our muses, tips and tricks to de-clutter your wardrobe, and also exciting news from the world of premium storage products, from trade shows to our wonderful manufacturers and suppliers.

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POSTED 01 Jan 2015

Recently we had the pleasure to spend the morning with Kay Soderlund of Preservation Australia. 


I got to know Kay last year in my search for good quality acid free paper.  She really is a fountain of knowledge of all things preservation and has been an enormous help to me.   We decided to get together and film an instructional video about preserving wedding dresses.  Since I launched Sagitine, one of the most common questions has been “how do I look after my wedding dress?”  Well, we have all the answers in this 5 minute clip for you!   

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